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What are the requirements for cartons made from food pit board?

In addition to safeguarding food safety, food pit cardboard is also an important means of safeguarding the color, aroma, taste and other sensory qualities of food. In the modern developed commercial field, food carton also plays an important role in the promotion of food. Therefore, as the packaging of food, it should at least meet the following requirements:

1, strength requirements:

As the food in the packaging is completed but also after stacking, transportation, storage and other circulation processes to reach the hands of consumers, which requires food pit cardboard has a certain degree of strength, will not break in the circulation process.

2, permeability requirements:

Food pit cardboard barrier requirements are determined by the characteristics of the food itself, different foods on its packaging barrier properties are not the same requirements. Food carton barrier on the one hand to ensure that the external environment of a variety of bacteria, dust, light, gas, water, etc. can not enter the packaging of food, on the other hand, to ensure that the food contained in the water, oil, aromatic ingredients, etc., essential to the quality of food ingredients do not penetrate outward, so as to achieve the purpose of ensuring that the packaged food does not deteriorate. There are also some food requirements of packaging materials on the gas barrier to be selective, such as fruit and vegetable preservation packaging, through the control of the pore size of the material, can be selectively through the O2 and CO2, so as to control the respiratory strength of the packaged food, to achieve the purpose of preservation of fruits and vegetables.

3, safety and health:

Food packaging materials in the necessary permeability barrier at the same time, must ensure that the packaging material itself is safe and non-toxic and non-volatile substances produced, that is, the packaging material itself is required to have a stable tissue composition. In addition, during the implementation of the packaging process, there will be no substances or chemical components that react with the food ingredients. In the process of storage and transfer will not be due to climate and normal environmental factors and chemical changes.

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4, temperature resistance requirements:

Most of the food processing by heat treatment, some are packaged for high-temperature processing, such as canned food and steamed food, some are hot-filled, such as many hot-filled beverages, there are many food shelf life is very long, such as up to or more than a year, this ambient preservation of the food storage process will inevitably go through the heat of the summer, to be continuous in more than 300C, these are required to have a certain degree of temperature-resistant food packaging These require a certain degree of temperature resistance of food packaging. With the different food and processing requirements for temperature resistance are different.

5, light requirements:

Light for food quality and nutritional maintenance is very unfavorable. In particular, ultraviolet radiation will make the food in the oil oxidation leads to rancidity, so that the food in the oxidation of natural pigments in the food color changes, will promote the loss of vitamin B and vitamin C in the food, in addition, the light will also make the food decomposition of amino acids, sugar melting and other unfavorable to the quality of food to maintain the physical and chemical changes. Therefore, for good food pit cardboard, light avoidance is also very important.

6, safety requirements:

As food is a daily consumer goods, to go through the circulation to reach consumers, which requires food carton packaging to be suitable for placement, handling, display and ease of purchase, can not be with injurious corners or burrs, as far as possible, there is a dedicated handheld device, in order to facilitate the purchase. Also take into account that, when opening the package, even if it is not operated correctly, it does not cause harm to consumers.

7, promotional requirements:

Promotional is one of the important functions of food carton packaging. Promotional requirements for food carton packaging materials to have easy to print, easy to shape, easy to color, light weight and other characteristics. In this regard, plastic undoubtedly has a unique advantage.

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