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What are the steps of pit paper processing in detail?

Pit paper converting mainly refers to a series of treatment and processing of pit paper. Pit paper is a kind of cardboard material with pit structure, mainly used for packaging, filling and protecting products. The following is a brief introduction to the steps of pit paper processing:

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1, raw material preparation: pit paper processing is usually waste paper or wood pulp as the main raw material. These raw materials after cleaning, screening and crushing and other pretreatment steps, in order to prepare for subsequent processing.

2, pulp preparation: the pre-treated waste paper or wood pulp mixed with water, after a series of mixing and heating and other processing, made of pulp.

3、Pit forming: The pulp is poured into a mold and made to form a pit structure through specific process conditions. This step usually involves precise control of parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure.

4. Drying and curing: The formed pit paper needs to be dried and cured to increase its strength and stability. This usually involves the use of equipment such as heating and ventilation.

5, Subsequent processing: According to specific needs, pit paper can also be cut, folded, printed and other subsequent processing steps to meet different packaging and filling requirements.

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